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Where I can check Offers?

You can check best deals and offers here

Can I run my campaign with third party also at the same time?

No, don't buy services at the same time with third party.
If you will buy service with another party at the same time, we will cancel the order and will not refund your payment.

What will be the delivery time of orders?

It depends upon the package which is mentioned in our website.

How Can I trust you?

We are trustworthy company in Social Media Marketing. We are one of the most oldest and respected company in this industry.
We are here to help you 24/7 through mail support, online chat support 

Where I can check my order status?

You can check your order status by logging your account and check Inprogress, you will find your current order status.

Is there Demo available?

NO, Demo is not available, if you want demo then you can buy any smallest plan.

How to become a reseller?

Reseller Program is only those who can place order in Bulk.
To become reseller please fill this request form


How can I submit order?

There are two ways to place your order in Social King

1) Direct through the Website- You can easily place order on our website
Just go to the service and click on Buy Now option. Then fullfill all the details & select your payment method through which you want to pay for your order. After completing the payment, order will be placed and you will get a order confirmation mail from Social King.

2)Sign In and Order- Create your account in Social King 

Add fund, select the service which you want and place your order.

How can I pay for submitting order

You can pay with credit/Debit card, Net Banking, UPI and PAYTM.
Indian users will select one of them either Safex or 2checkout. International users will select Paypal.

How to make payment with PAYTM?

You can easily make payment with paytm. When you make your order,then select offline option and after making payment through paytm please send us the screenshot with your order Id at

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order before its processing and you will get refund but Once the order is processed it can't be cancelled.

Can I order more than one package for the same URL at the same time?

Yes, You can but your order will process one by one.

Can I change video URL after submitting order?

No, Video url can't be changed after the campaign has started

How Can I change URL when my order is hold

Sign In your account in Social King then choose pending option .
In this you will get edit option then click on that and change your URL, if your order is hold.

When my order will process after ordering?

Within 24hrs your order will process.If there will any urjency you can contact us on online cha, we will process your order soon.


Difference between Normal Views and Adword Views?

Normal Views - If you want Increase number of views then buy normal views which are organic and good to increase video rank
Adword Views- We will promote your video.
Your Video will run as ad over to youtube videos and we will target right audience for you.

How Many Types of Video views we are providing?

Three types of Video Views we are providing-
1)Normal Views- organic and increase number of views.
2)Ad views- In this views will be from Adword which will increase number of views & they are good to increase video rank.
3)Adword views- In this your video will run as Ad over to youtube videos. We will target right audience & promote your video.

Views will be real?

Views are Not fake its organic Views
We have very good quality views which will increase your video rank if you put good keywords.

Is your video is safe by using our youtube services?

Yes your video & channel is 100% safe by taking youtube services from us.
Our sevice will also help in making your channel ranking increase & your channel will grow .

How to get Verification Badge in Facebook/Twitter/Instagram?

For Verification please fill request form here
If your profile is eligible then you will be contacted by our team.

How we increase YouTube views & viewership on views?

We have social network on social media & website on which we promote video and increase traffic on your video and bring audience to your video.
We give 100% real & lifetime youtube views with watch time.

Is it legit to buy views for video?

Yes ,buying views is 100% legal process & youtube always allows it.
Even youtube give paid promotions with google adwords.Youtube always allow marketing for videos.

In Instagram can we get Indian Followers ?

No, In instagram Followers will be from all over the world.

Can we select comments for video comments service?

Yes, if you want you can give us comments list. You can drop a mail of comment list at 

Is Likes are real?

Yes, Likes are from realusers. They are 100% real.

Is my login Id and password will needed for campaign?

No, We are working on URL. We don't want your login Id and password. For promotional likes its is needed.

Can we get Indian Subscribers?

No, Indian Subscribers are not available. They are from all over the world.